With its winning combination of excellent performance, economic fuel consumption and understated good looks it’s no wonder that the Honda Civic is the first choice for many drivers seeking the ideal car for city driving.

The following is a list of the ten most common extras bought by Civic owners.


Cargo Carriers and Roof Racks

If you don’t have enough interior room for your gear you can rely on a Civic roof rack to carry everything securely.


Honda’s lamps are powerful enough to penetrate even the darkest gloom and make you clearly visible to other motorists.


These will keep splashes out of your cabin and insects from being mashed on your windscreen.


Support your bumpers by protecting them from rocks, gravel and any other stray materials with a car bra.

Seat Covers

These are available in a range of custom and universal fits and many different colours and fabrics.

Exhausts, Tips and Mufflers

Crank up performance and reduce noise with one of Honda’s exhaust systems specially designed for the Civic.

Brakes and Brake Pads

An upgrade to your brake system can improve your car’s reaction to sudden stops. No more will emergency stops threaten to take you to the emergency room with whiplash.

Suspension Systems

Think about replacing the standard suspension for something more suited to burning up the tarmac.

Floor Mats and Liners

A custom-fit rubber or plush mat will keep your car’s floor in top condition.

Air Intake Systems

If you have already tuned up your Civic for high-performance driving with a new exhaust, you can get more revs with an additional cold-air-intake system.