Modified Volkswagen Cars

We all like to personalise our cars and make them stand out from the crowd, whether it’s adding furry dice or making more radical modifications. Volkswagens have always been especially prone to this customisation trend, perhaps due to the Beetle’s association with 1960s counter culture. Brightly painted, lowered and tweaked bugs and Type 2 vans are a common sight. The Beetle has often been used as a basis for kit cars and beach buggies too.

In more recent times there’s been a tendency to update restored cars with more powerful engines or better brakes. Often these are modifications you can’t see but which make the car better to drive and more practical to use on a day-to-day basis. How far you go is really down to nothing more than the depth of your pockets.


Not Just Beetles

Of course it isn’t just older VWs that get the modification treatment. Early Golfs are firmly in the classic category themselves now. Even newer front-drive models like the Scirocco and the Jetta are often to be seen with bigger wheels, body kits, fancy paint jobs and other enhancements.

Because there are lots of Volkswagens around there’s a ready source of parts for those restoring or changing their cars. There’s also a sizeable industry which has built up around supplying components and accessories for those who want to make their VW a bit different.

Whether you want a few minor changes or you’d like to give the vehicle a complete makeover, the popularity of Volkswagens means you should be able to find all of the components and expert help you need.