Upgrading your existing vehicle into a lean and mean beast will take a good amount of effort. Additionally, many of the modifications that you make can require a great deal of knowledge and the right types of tools.

Indeed, any major changes will only be as effective and reliable as they ways in which they are installed. So, it is clear that possessing the right instruments for the job is an absolutely critical factor. Let’s have a quick look at a handful of “must-have” tools that you will require to complete any vehicle upgrade.


An Auto Lift

Portable car movers are one of the most essential items to possess. The primary reason that a car mover is important is that it will allow you to work around and underneath the vehicle with ease. Thus, accessing hard-to-reach areas can be accomplished quickly and with minimal effort.

An Airless Paint Sprayer

It is likely that you may wish to apply a new coat of paint somewhere along the way. Besides choosing the right colour scheme and applying the necessary masking, utilising the correct type of sprayer is essential. Airless models are the best choice, for they will provide a uniform coat with more accuracy and less chances of buildup. Most modern sprayers will use a compressor as their main power source. Obviously, only spray a vehicle in a well-ventilated area while wearing the correct breathing apparatus.

A Flow Bench

A considerable portion of many car modifications will centre around increasing the intake and exhaust flows of various mechanisms within your car. Most often, these areas will include air filters, ducts and mufflers. A flow bench will be able to provide you with accurate readings; enabling you to gauge the efficiency of any changes that were made to the entire system. Without adequate air consumption, the vehicle will struggle to achieve the speeds that you may desire.

A Ratchet Set

While this is a nearly universal kit in nearly all garages, it is important to realise that most modifications which you will add (nitrous oxide canisters, spoilers and ground effects) are likely to require a ratchet set to be installed. As the kits may come from different parts of the world, the ratchets must include both standard and metric measurements.

Depending upon the type of work that you will perform, you could very well need other tools at your disposal. Still, these items are considered some of the most basic that will help you to achieve the car of your dreams!