Car modifications are a popular hobby that countless racing enthusiasts and average vehicle owners enjoy. There are many different upgrades that can take place; some being purely aesthetic while others will give any car an extra “kick” that could not have otherwise been enjoyed.



Whether for street racing or on the track, the easiest way to increase the horsepower of any car is through the addition of nitrous oxide gas. When this substance is heated (as within an engine), nitrogen and oxygen are produced. Engines that have more oxygen to burn are more efficient and will therefore produce greater speeds.


There are two types of rims; those that will fit into a tyre much like a normal hubcap and those which will need to be professionally installed. They are commonly coated with chrome and other shiny metals. Some of the most modern rims contain a separate centre piece that will keep spinning after the tyre has stopped rotating. These add an undeniable appeal.

Ground Lighting

Neon lighting has become more common in recent times. Strips of lights are placed underneath the chassis of a vehicle. They can be manually turned on and off as desired; most often in the evening. As nearly every colour is imaginable, such lights are excellent at accentuating the existing design of any vehicle.

Stereo Systems

A massive audio output is another means to increase the appeal of a car. One of the best factors in regards to a stereo system is that it is very universal. In other words, nearly any system can be efficiently installed into nearly any vehicle. The result is a heart-pounding experience that will vibrate any passenger to his or her core!

Car modification can be an expensive hobby, but the attractiveness of the end results cannot be overstated. From do-it-yourself kits to designs that will cost tens of thousands of pounds, the available choices are as numerous as the designs themselves.