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Choose your
unlimited plan.

Get our amazing 5G network, your way. Starting at just $30/line.* And the more lines you add, the more you save.


Our reliable, fastest 5G, up to 10x faster than 4G LTE. No matter how much you use.


Our reliable, fast 5G.

Choose your unlimited plan



4 lines
3 lines
2 lines
1 line


5G Ultra Wideband

Unlimited premium data


Mobile Hotspot

30 GB

Home internet

Starting at $25/mo
Starting at $40/mo

Device savings


Bring your own device savings

Up to $540 promo credit
Up to $180 promo credit

Connected device plan

Up to 50% off

Price Guarantee

3 years


your perks.

Pick what you want. Save on every
Each is just $10/mo.

You decide to add only your
favorite perks
like Disney Bundle1,

Apple One, Walmart+
and so many more.

Change them up anytime. You’re
locked in.

You control what goes into your plan.

$10 /mo
Save $4.99/mo
$10 /mo
Save $35/mo
$10 /mo
Save $6.95/mo
$10 /mo
Save $2.95/mo
$10 /mo
Save $6.99/mo
$10 /mo
Save $10/mo
$10 /mo
Save $5/mo
$10 /mo
Save $20/mo
$10 /mo
Save $4.99/mo

Get exactly what you
Only pay for
what you need.

Get started

Have questions?
We’ve got answers.

Can I keep my current Verizon wireless plan?

Yes, users with an existing plan can keep their current plan. However, if you're on an existing Mix & Match or Welcome Unlimited plan you can choose to switch one or all of your lines to myPlan at any time. All other plans must switch all of their lines if moving to myPlan.

What are the differences between Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Welcome?

All of Verizon's Unlimited plans include unlimited talk, text and data, as well as 5G (or 4G LTE in areas where 5G isn't available), Mexico and Canada talk, text and data, as well as International texting. With Unlimited Plus, you get our fastest 5G and access to 30GB of Premium unlimited mobile hotspot data per month to power your other devices on the go. Check out our latest promotions and offers.

Can I mix and match between Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Welcome?

Activating more than one line? If you'd like to choose Unlimited Plus for some lines but Unlimited Welcome for others, you can do that. Just choose the plan you'd like for each specific line, for up to 12 lines, when you sign up for myPlan. Learn more.

What are the benefits of adding a perk through Verizon?

Save every month - check out the price savings on your favorite monthly subscriptions. Additionally, by adding perks to your plan through Verizon, you can manage those perks and subscriptions all in one place. For example, if you sign up for one of the available perk memberships, you can manage the membership through your Verizon bill and keep track of those charges all in one place.

Will new perks be added?

Yes– keep checking back for new, updated perks. Since you aren't locked in with myPlan to any specific contract, you can add new perks or change them at any time. Just one of the many benefits of our new Unlimited plans!

What is data on a cell phone plan?

When you aren't connected to Wi-Fi, you connect to the internet using data. So, if you're logging onto the web but not connected to Wi-Fi, your phone will require a data plan. This includes while using apps that require an internet connection, such as social media apps and certain mobile games, etc.

What is an unlimited data plan?

Some cell phone plans limit the amount of data you can use per month (measured in gigabytes, or "GB"), while an unlimited data plan doesn't limit you. It's an unlimited number of GBs. Depending on which plan you select, your speeds may be slower in times of congestion. Review your plan for details.

What happens if I already have a subscription to a perk?

It depends on the perk and the current subscription you have. You may need to manage your existing subscription to activate a perk. Please see the specific perk FAQs on what happens with existing subscriptions: Disney Bundle, Apple One, Apple Music, Walmart+, 2 TB Cloud Storage, Smartwatch Data & Safety and Three TravelPass Days perk FAQs.