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Government taxes and fees and Verizon wireless surcharges

Learn about government taxes, fees and Verizon wireless surcharges you may see on your Verizon bill.

    About taxes, fees and wireless surcharges

    Your consumer bill includes your plan's monthly access charges, any monthly charges associated with any optional services you subscribe to, applicable state and local taxes, government fees and Verizon wireless surcharges.

    Taxes, government fees, and Verizon wireless surcharges may vary by the state and locality of your service address or addresses.

    Note: If you're a Verizon business customer, review your agreement or contact your Verizon business representative about government taxes and fees and Verizon wireless surcharges.

    Government taxes and fees

    We bill and collect government taxes and fees that are set by federal, state and local governments. These charges are subject to change from time to time.

    Verizon wireless surcharges

    Verizon wireless surcharges include (i) a Regulatory Charge (which helps defray various government charges we pay including government number administration and license fees); (ii) a Federal Universal Service Charge (and, if applicable, a State Universal Service Charge) to recover charges imposed on us by the government to support universal service; and (iii) an Administrative and Telco Recovery Charge, which helps defray and recover certain direct and indirect costs we or our agents incur, including:

    (a) Costs of complying with regulatory and industry obligations and programs, such as E911, wireless local number portability and wireless tower mandate costs;

    (b) Property taxes; and

    (c) Costs associated with our network, including facilities (e.g., leases), operations, maintenance and protection, and costs paid to other companies for network services.

    Please note that these surcharges are Verizon wireless charges, not taxes or government imposed fees. These charges, including the amount and what’s included, are subject to change from time to time.

    Learn more about taxes and surcharges.

    ***Notice regarding the Administrative and Telco Recovery Charge
    For consumers, effective December 1, 2022, the monthly Administrative and Telco Recovery Charge for data-only plans increased from $0.06 to $1.40 per line. Customers on 5G Home Internet and LTE Home Internet plans did not see a monthly increase. The charge for plans with voice service remained $3.30 per line.

    About the Administrative and Telco Recovery Charge

    3. What devices are impacted by the June 23, 2022 increase?

    If you terminate your Verizon Wireless Account, your Verizon Up account will be closed and you will forfeit any rewards in your Verizon Up account. We may monitor Verizon Up Accounts and member activity for compliance with the Program Terms. We can suspend or terminate your Verizon Up Account at any time. You may lose rewards or the ability to claim new rewards in your Verizon Up account if your Verizon Wireless account status changes, you fail to make payments on your Verizon Wireless account, we suspect fraudulent activity, you sell any tickets or Super Tickets you receive from Verizon Up, or we make changes to the Verizon Up program. We may change these Program Terms at any time, with or without notice. By enrolling in, or otherwise participating in the Program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and unconditionally accept to be bound by the Program Terms. Verizon reserves the right to modify, delete or otherwise change any of the terms and conditions in the Program Terms in our sole and absolute discretion, without further notice or compensation to you, and you waive any right to receive specific individual notice of such modifications. Verizon reserves this right even if such changes affect the value of any rewards already accumulated and may cancel rewards already accumulated and/or awarded. This means that Verizon may make changes that affect, but are not limited to how to enroll and how rewards are earned or used. This also means that Verizon may terminate the Program, or any benefit of the Program, or substitute the Program for a similar or different rewards program at any time. Any updates to these Program Rules will be effective immediately upon posting at https://www.verizon.com/support/verizon-up-legal/ and/or in the My Verizon App. You may access the Program Terms on the My Verizon App to review changes to Verizon Up or the Program Terms. If you continue to remain in Verizon Up after the Program or Program Terms change, it means you are accepting the changes to Verizon Up and the Program Terms.